Thursday, September 13, 2012

Road to Commercialization: California Stem Cell Agency Seeking Top Level Product Development Execs

Looking for a good job at an enterprise that is on the cutting edge of biotechnology?

Nine positions are open at the $3 billion California stem cell agency, headquartered in San Francisco. Some of them could pay more than $200,000 a year.

Several of the new jobs are closely aligned with the agency's fresh focus on commercializing stem cell research and driving therapies into the clinic. Scientists and lawyers are being recruited along with a business development officer. For some of the positions, travel is required.

One new, high-level position is described as a senior development officer. The job posting calls for “expertise in product development for stem cell therapies.” The person would “directly interact with investigators on CIRM’s clinically applicable research programs to help provide product development guidance from preclinical, manufacturing, and first in human to early phase clinical regulatory perspectives.” An M.D. or Ph.D. degree in a biomedical science is required. Pay tops out at $232,891. This person would report to Ellen Feigal, senior vice president for research and development.

A second, high-level position reporting to Feigal is senior medical officer, who would manage the agency's portfolio aimed at commercialization of stem cell research, specifically “focused on IND enabling and clinical development projects.” This also requires an M.D. or Ph.D. and substantial professional experience in development of biomedical research and products. Pay also could run as high $232.891 annually.

A third new job at CIRM is business development officer. That person would help generate “outside investment in stem cell research in California for both CIRM-funded and not currently CIRM-funded programs by biopharmaceutical strategic partners; equity investors (venture capital and others); and disease foundations.” The salary range hits $216,270 annually. It wouldn't be surprising if the person in this job also became involved in developing a funding mechanism for CIRM after it runs out of state cash in 2017 or so. 
This position reports to Elona Baum, general counsel and vice president, business development.

And yet another new position is called director of alliance management. The job deals with the agency's extensive collaborative funding partnerships, many of which are abroad. CIRM wants somebody with a law degree, experience in intellectual property and business law along with strong negotiating skills. The pay range for the post tops out at $232,891 annually. This position reports to CIRM President Alan Trounson.

Other open positions include: deputy general counsel, two science officers and office manager.

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