Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Brief Look at the $12 Million California Stem Cell Bridging Program

The directors of the California stem cell agency later today are expected to approve $1.2 million for two University of California stem cell researchers as part of what the agency calls a “bridging” program.

The effort has received little attention but could be a key for some research as scientists try to turn more basic efforts into something that could reach the marketplace.

Patricia Olson, executive director of scientific activities , has prepared some slides for today’s meeting in Millbrae, Ca., that lay out a bit of the scope of the effort.

She reported that the goal of the program is to accelerate development of stem cell therapies. She said the bridging program is aimed at providing an “efficient and seamless advancement of promising CIRM-funded translation and development projects towards and through clinical development.”

No RFA is used for the effort. Instead scientists must submit a brief proposal that could lead to further consideration. Up to $12 million has been allotted to the effort. Olson did not present information on how many proposals have been submitted.   

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