Tuesday, July 15, 2014

More California Stem Cell Cash Likely for UC Irvine and UCLA

Two researchers at different University of California campuses look to be slated next week for additional cash for their research into Huntington’s Disease and corneal problems.

Applications for more cash are scheduled to be acted on July 24 at the CIRM board meeting in Millbrae in the San Francisco Bay area.

Leslie Thompson (left) and patient advocate Frances Saldana
Gene Veritas photo
Leslie Thompson of UC Irvine is up for additional “bridge” funding for her efforts to develop an hESC therapy for Huntington’s Disease. She received $3.5 million in 2010.  Amount of the bridge funding was not specified in the material posted online today.

Her latest progress report said,
“We have now selected a GMP grade hNSC line that will be carried forward for further testing in both rapidly progressing and slower progressing HD mice, as well as in mouse preclinical dosing studies. Taken as a whole, progress supports the feasibility of the CIRM-funded studies to transplant differentiated hESCs into HD mice for preclinical development with the ultimate goal on initiating IND-enabling activities for HD clinical trials.”
Sophie Deng
UCLA photo
Patient advocates for Huntington’s Disease have been particularly active at CIRM board meetings and at UC Davis, which has developed a major research effort dealing with the affliction.

Sophie Deng of UCLA is up for additional funding to take her research involving corneal disease to another stage. She received $1.5 million in 2010 for her translational research. Amount of the additional funding also was not specified today by the agency. The amounts for both researchers is likely to surface later this week.

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