Sunday, July 06, 2014

Disillusionment Cited by Scripps Researchers: No on Marletta and USC

Unhappy scientists at the Scripps Research Institute are trying to broaden support for ousting its president and avoiding a merger with USC. 

Scripps is suffering from financial difficulties, including a $21 million deficit in the fiscal year ending Sept. 30. Bradley Fikes and Gary Robbins reported in the San Diego U-T Saturday on the latest developments. They wrote,
“Chemist Donna Blackmond proposed in a Friday email that faculty who are members of the elite National Academies send the board a letter 'indicating no confidence in the leadership at Scripps.’ Such a move would show that the faculty’s disillusionment isn’t limited to a few allegedly rogue professors, she said.
“Blackmond added: ‘I can inform you that the 50+ women faculty are currently in the process of drafting such a letter.’”
The top faculty leaders have already called for the removal of Michael Marletta as president of Scripps, a job he assumed in January 2012. 

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