Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dismayed San Diego Parkinson's Group Receives More Media Coverage

Jenifer Raub, Bill Maddox and Cassandra Peters (left to right),
members of the Summit4StemCells group. San Diego UT photo
The San Diego Union Tribune this week spotlighted a Parkinson’s patient group that is pushing the $3 billion California agency to speed up financing on research that the group says is promising.

Reporter Bradley Fikes provided the update on the activities of the group, Summit4StemCells, and its dismay about the slow funding by the stem cell agency.

Earlier this month, the group was perturbed by the cancellation of the scheduled, face-to-face meeting in San Diego tomorrow. It was changed to a teleconference meeting that is set for only 90 minutes. However, the group is expected to make its views known by teleconference from the Sanford Consortium in La Jolla, where agency President Randy Mills will be based.

The face-to-face session was cancelled, the agency said, because it was expected to be brief and because of the expense involved in bringing together the 29 members of the governing board and some agency staff.  Mills told Fikes that many of the board members would not have been able to attend in San Diego, but the meeting would have cost about $30,000 to stage. 

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  1. Anonymous2:13 PM

    How many times has CIRM changed a meeting from in person to telephonic only? Seems hard to believe that since the last ICOC meeting there isn't more to talk about than would fit in 90 minutes. CIRM seems to be moving at a slow pace especially when there have been a lack of funding opportunities for grants other than the clinical projects.


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