Thursday, September 10, 2015

Text of Comments by Sherrie Gould, Executive Director, Summit4stemcells

Here is the text of comments by Sherrie Gould, executive director of Summit4stemcell of San Diego, made in connection with changes in the stem cell agency board meeting Sept. 24. Gould made the remarks in response to a query from the California Stem Cell Report.
“We are both confused and disappointed that this PUBLIC meeting has
been essentially cancelled.  We were prepared to talk with the ICOC (the stem cell agency) board and answer all questions about our patient advocacy
(Summit4stemcells) movement and our research. The Summit4stemcell
project has been faithfully attending public meetings every other
month for the last two years.  We have flown in numbers to make sure
our voice is heard.  We have spoken to board members, and to the media
about our plight.  This San Diego meeting, now cancelled, was an
opportunity attend to discuss the funding possibilities for
Parkinson's disease and whether funding might be appropriate for our
project.  Our science is sound and we have a clinical arm to this
project. We believe CIRM could take ownership of this very exciting
translational research if we were indeed funded.
“Unless we can be present in front of the CIRM board, Summit's strong
voice is diminished.  Being physically present in human form is always
more effective than a teleconference. Delays, which we realize are a
part of any government associated agency, are devastating to people
suffering from the progressive symptoms of Parkinson's disease. And
although hope springs eternal, we are saddened by the repetitive

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