Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Tune in Here Tomorrow for All the Stem Cell Action in California

The California Stem Cell Report will provide most of what you need to know live from tomorrow’s meeting of California’s stem cell research agency, which is set to award $20 million to a tiny Calabasas, Ca.,firm.

During the 90-minute, teleconference session, the agency’s governing board is also set to discuss the pros and cons of a $890 million spending plan that will take the agency to its termination date.

The California Stem Cell Report will monitor the session via the Internet and bring readers updates and more as warranted by action during the session.

Those interested in participating in the meeting and offering suggestions and criticism can do so from 18 locations throughout the state, but also in Atlanta. Here are the other teleconference sites and number of sites in each location: San Franisco (3), Los Angeles (3), La Jolla (2), Stanford, Davis, Napa, South San Francisco, Sacramento, Fresno, Berkeley, Los Gatos and Irvine. Specific addresses can be found on the agenda.

Randy Mills, president of the agency, will be addressing the board from La Jolla at the Sanford Consortium, an enterprise heavily financed by the stem cell agency.

For those who want to listen in via the audiocast, directions are also on the agenda. The PowerPoint presentations being used are available via Webex. To get something close to a complete understanding of what is going on, readers should log into both the audiocast and Webex. Comments during the meeting can also be emailed to the board via or

A reminder: Agenda items are not necessarily taken in numerical order. 

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