Friday, January 20, 2006

FTCR: CIRM Highhanded and Stonewalling

Citing the case of a Michigan researcher, a watchdog group says it demonstrates that the California stem cell agency has a "high handed preference for secrecy."

According to John Simpson, stem cell project director for the Foundation of Taxpayer and Consumer Rights,
"The stem cell institute just doesn't seem to understand that it's a state agency. They need to tell the public what's going on. Instead, when the facts are inconvenient, they stonewall or hope nobody will notice. Their behavior only undermines the institute's credibility and, sadly, the stem cell research projects they hope to sponsor."
The foundation referred to the resignation of Jose Cibelli from the agency's standards group. See Cibelli item below.

The foundation's press release continued,
"As of Friday morning (1-20-06), the only indication of the situation on CIRM's website was a footnote on the posted list of working group members. It reads, 'Voluntarily withdrawn from active membership until further notice.'"

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