Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Gayle Wilson Leaves Oversight Committee

Gayle Wilson, the wife of former California Gov. Pete Wilson, has resigned from the Oversight Committee of the California stem cell agency.

Wilson's resignation took effect last Sunday, according to a press release from CIRM. The statement said she will "continue to advise CIRM leadership on state and federal legislative matters." The reason for her departure was not disclosed in the press release, but we have a query into the agency.

Wilson was appointed to the board by Gov. Schwarzenegger as a representative to a committee slot for "an executive officer of a commercial life science entity." She is serves on the board of Gilead Sciences, as biopharmaceutical company.

Stem cell chairman Robert Klein said, "Her outreach efforts to fully inform the stem cell debate in Washington D.C. have been invaluable-especially in moving pro-stem cell legislation forward and with advancing a scientific understanding of stem cell research and its promise for treating chronic disease."

Wilson is the second person to leave the Oversight Committee. Phyliss Preciado left in the middle of 2005 to take a job in Oregon.

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