Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Text of CIRM Response to CGS

Here is the full statement from CIRM, which is not expected to be available on the Web, in response to the CGS report card.

"This is the kind of criticism-based activism that seems designed more for publicity than any practicable purpose.

"They have been working against Proposition 71 since the beginning,despite the overwhelming support of voters in California who approved the measure well over one year ago.

"Their report rehashes old issues that they have already expressed to our board; which they have duly considered and addressed.

"We feel we've had a great first year and here are the reasons why:

* 56 public meetings-all with opportunities for public response
* Appointment of ICOC and three working groups that include
nationally recognized leaders in the fields of grant review, stem cell research, and ethics
* Adopted NAS Guidelines for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research
* First grant review and approval of the CIRM Training Grant
Program that will train nearly 200 fellows at 16 institutions statewide.
* Scientific Meeting in October that featured presentations by
stem cell researchers and clinicians from the United States as well as Australia, Canada, Israel, Sweden and the United Kingdom.
* Received $18 million in office space and incentives from the
city of San Francisco

"We have equal enthusiasm for 2006:

* At the end of January our Standards Working Group will finalize their draft to send to the ICOC. Building on the NAS Guidelines, this document will establish the medical, ethical, and scientific standards for CIRM funded research. This document is the first state or national regulation of its kind and it represents a scientific and ethical blueprint for how stem cell research ought to be conducted. With the ICOC's approval, they will undergo the APA process and become formal regulations with the force of law in California.

* Bond Anticipation Note funding our training grants and a smaller research grant

* Planning for a May Scientific Conference examining the risks of Egg Donation; to be co-sponsored by the Society for Gynecologic Investigation

* Strategic planning for the long range funding"

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