Friday, August 11, 2006

Finding Stem Cell Moolah on the Web

Connecticut has set an example for California to follow in raising funds for its embryonic stem cell research efforts – go directly to the people.

The East Coast effort is modest and not exactly ballyhooed. But nonetheless it is on the home page of its stem cell program. Right there with a big dollar sign, it commands: "Make a Donation."

Given the perceived widespread support for stem cell research in the Golden State, it would seem appropriate to make it easy for anybody to make a donation whenever the whim struck. Connecticut can only take checks and is looking into credit cards, but that is hardly an obstacle.

In California, it should be able to be done with a minimum of effort without waiting for the redesign of the CIRM website. At least one state agency, the Department of Motor Vehicles, already takes credit cards, so little would seem to be in the way.

Let the money roll in!

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