Sunday, August 13, 2006

Stem Cell Conferences: Eggs, Biocapital and Fair Cures

Get out your calendars, stem cell fans. Coming up are a three hefty conferences in the San Francisco Bay area on stem cell issues.

On Sept. 28, at the request of CIRM, the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council will hold a conference near the San Francisco airport on the medical risks of egg donation. This is the conference that CIRM has talked about for months. A high-powered group from throughout the country is scheduled to speak.

On Sept. 28-29, "Ethical Worlds of Stem Cell Medicine" is the topic at UC Berkeley. "Academic Industry Alliances" and "Procurement and the Integrity of the Human Subject" are among the topics. The conference overview notes that today's stem cell medical environment has generated a "surfeit of promissory biocapital." The session is sponsored by the Science, Technology and Society Center at UC Berkeley.

On Oct. 14, "Toward Fair Cures: Integrating the Benefits of Diversity in California's Stem Cell Research Program" will be held at the Children's Hospital in Oakland. The conference is sponsored by the hospital, the Greenlining Coalition and the UC Berkeley Project on Stem Cells. CIRM President Zach Hall is scheduled to appear along with Evelynn Hammonds of Harvard. We do not have a Web site for this yet, but you can contact Joe Tayag of Greenlining at

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