Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rules for the $100 Million Stem Cell Giveaway

The river of money is beginning to flow, so it is time for some of you to dip your scoop in.

The California stem cell agency has posted detailed information on how to snag a chunk of more than $100 million for research involving embryonic stem cells. The deadlines are coming up quickly.

For those of you who do not work in the Golden State, you are mostly out of luck unless you can finesse the rules that limit the grants to academic and non-profit research institutions in California.

While this round does not include grants to businesses, it would behoove them to examine the current process, which is likely to set a pattern for future grants. CIRM said grants for businesses will not be awarded until intellectual property policies are developed (a hearing on that is scheduled for next Tuesday).

The agency is looking for innovation. One two-year, 30-grant program is called SEED, short for Scientific Excellence through Exploration and Development, and is funded at $24 million. The other program contains more cash -- $80 million over four years –for "comprehensive research grants." That 25-grant program will support "mature, ongoing studies" by scientists with a "record of accomplishment."

The deadline for letters of intent to apply for both programs is Sept. 15 with applications due Oct. 13 for SEED and Nov. 13 for the other grants. In addition to the usual scientific information, applicants are asked to provide a "public abstract" intended to explain the research to the lay public. A statement concerning how the research will benefit California is also required. The letters of intent for both SEED and comprehensive grants ask about sources of stem cells and the names of researchers, collaborators and subcontractors.

The application for comprehensive grants seeks "strong preliminary data." "Particular emphasis will be placed on impact and significance and quality of the research plan," the application says.

The lucky winners are expected to be determined at the CIRM Oversight Committee meetings either in February (SEED) or April (comprehensive grants).

Here are links on the grant program: CIRM press release, SEED letter of intent, SEED application information, comprehensive letter of intent, comprehensive application, discussion of the grant program by the Oversight Committee earlier this month (starts on page 149 of the transcript).

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