Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Stem Cell Alliance Shutting Down

The Alliance for Stem Cell Research, a spinoff of the successful campaign for Prop. 71 in California, is closing its doors.

The group said in a press release:

"Recent legislative efforts have demonstrated that perhaps the most effective way for us to achieve our goals is to play a larger role in ongoing efforts to change the political landscape. In particular, we must take action to end policies that currently impose significant restrictions on the progress of stem cell research.

"As a 501(c)3 public charity, the AFSCR is limited in its
ability to lobby and directly influence legislation and election outcomes. Therefore, the Board of Directors of AFSCR has made the difficult decision to dissolve AFSCR and realign its efforts to campaign for stronger support for stem cell research on both the federal and state level."

The alliance grew out of Cures for California, the campaign organization for the 2004 stem cell initiative.

In response to a query about her plans, Susan DeLaurentis, president of the alliance, said, "I plan to work as a volunteer to get candidates elected who support stem cell research. I will personally stay involved in this issue - there is
much to be done!"

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