Friday, September 15, 2006

Latest on Legal Qualifications of CIRM Financial Overseer

State Controller Steve Westly plans to seek a legal opinion about whether one of the appointees to the board that oversees the finances of the California stem cell agency is legally qualified.

The man in question is John Hein, a former lobbyist for the California Teachers Association. He was appointed to the Citizens Financial Accountability Oversight Committee by Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez nearly two years ago..

The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumers Rights of Santa Monica, Ca., challenged the appointment and called on Hein to resign because he does not have the medical background as required by Prop. 71.

David Louie, reporting for San Francisco television station KGO, said,
"Hein turned down an on-camera interview. However, he acknowledged he has no medical background. And he said he pointed that out to Assembly Speaker Nunez.

"A spokesman for Nunez says he stands by the appointment and believes Hein's experience in health care issues and managing health care contracts qualifies him.

"State Controller Steve Westly will seek a legal opinion of Hein's appointment.

"Steve Westly, (D) State Controller: 'Mr. Hein certainly has a deep financial background, and we welcome him on the committee. We will ask him to talk with the attorney general's representative to make sure his being part of this is in compliance with the law.'"
As for other matters on the agenda of the committee, we have an inquiry into the state controller's office. Sphere: Related Content

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