Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Stem Cell Snippets: Cibelli, IP and Davey

Here are links to some interesting items and press releases related to the California stem cell agency:

Cibelli Update – Not much has changed since about eight months ago when stem cell researcher Jose Cibelli "voluntarily withdrew" from the Standards Working Group of the California stem cell agency in connection with his co-authorship of a fraudulent paper involved in the Korean stem cell scandal. He also asked his employer, Michigan State University, to conduct an investigation. In response to a query from the California Stem Cell Report, an MSU spokeswoman says the investigation is still underway.

WARFElizabeth Donley has been named executive director of the WiCell Research Institute, which hosts the National Stem Cell Bank controlling all 21 federally funded stem cell lines. Donley will continue to serve as general counsel to WARF.

IP Policy – Here is a link to the exact language for the proposed regulations on the sharing of patented material by CIRM grantees. The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights says it is a "compromise that, while not perfect, will ensure scientists get access to taxpayer-funded discoveries for further research and development."

New CIRM Hire – CIRM has hired Marcia Davey, chief of financial management for the State Department of Insurance, as its interim financial officer for one year. The agency said it is continuing to look for a permanent replacement for retiring Walter Barnes. We are inquiring about Davey's salary.

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