Monday, September 25, 2006

Stem Cell Snippets: Sherry Lansing to Stanford Freebies

Here are some links to interesting news, information or press releases related to California stem cell issues.

Sherry LansingCIRM Oversight Committee member Sherry Lansing, once a bigtime Hollywood executive, discusses her what makes her tick now. "I loved my job, but at a certain point it became repetitive. The highs weren't as high, and the lows weren't as low. So I asked myself: What is it that really gives me pleasure? The answer is giving back."

CIRM Overseer Flap – More from the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumers Rights which is dogging the California attorney general concerning what is says is the illegal appointment of John Hein to the panel that reviews the financial operations of the California stem cell agency.

Stem Cell BankJoe Vanden Plas of the Wisconsin Technology Network reports: "The Madison-based National Stem Cell Bank has announced it will receive human embryonic stem cells from the University of California-San Francisco, giving it 13 of the 21 stem cell lines available on the federal registry."

Medical Freebies – In case you missed this, here is a link to the Los Angeles Times, which wrote: "They are common fixtures in many medical practices: free pens, mugs, stationery, stethoscopes and doctors' bags, all emblazoned with the logo of a new drug or a pharmaceutical firm. And those catered lunches staffers flock to? It may be courtesy of a major drug supplier. No more — at least for all staff and students at Stanford University's medical school, hospitals and clinics. Under a policy announced Tuesday, even free sticky notes violate ethics rules." Sphere: Related Content

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