Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Multimillion Dollar Stem Cell Lab Building Program: The First Step

Building tens of millions of dollars in biomedical research facilities is the topic for next Monday's meeting of a working group of the California stem cell agency.

The Scientific and Medical Facilities Working Group will consider criteria for its initial grants which are likely to be approved early next year – upwards of $2 million per institution has been discussed at possibly 15 different locations. Funds would go for lab renovations and equipment.

Also on the agenda for the San Francisco meeting (no remote locations available) is a panel discussion on construction of biomedical research facilities. James Kovach, president of the Buck Institute on Aging; Rebekah Gladson, campus architect at UC Irvine, and Curtis Williams, vice president for capital construction, USC, are scheduled to take part.

The working group has 11 members. Six are patient advocates from the Oversight Committee. Four are real estate specialists, and the 11th is the chair of the Oversight Committee, Robert Klein, whose career has been in real estate development.

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