Monday, September 11, 2006

Update on Legal Actions Against CIRM

Someone queried us the other day concerning the effort by the losers in California stem cell trial to overturn the verdict that favored CIRM. "What is going on?" was the question.

The answer: Not much.

As of Friday, the losers had failed to file their brief with the appellate court. Once that happens, presumably later this month, CIRM will file its response. Then the losers will get a chance to rebut.

In an interview today with the California Stem Cell Report, Tamar Pachter, the deputy attorney general handling the case for CIRM, noted, however, that the appeal is on an expedited calendar so the matter should move more quickly than normal appeals.

She also said that another action, originally filed in the Sacramento by the opponents of the agency, has been modified substantially. Originally the action sought to block CIRM training grants to the University of California on the grounds that they violated state law. That argument has been altered to contend that the grants violate only Prop. 71. Pachter said she expects that such arguments are likely to become commonplace as CIRM issues more grants.

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