Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fresh Comment on CIRM's Blog Ban

We have received an email from an anonymous individual on the "blog ban reaction" item last week. The person began by commenting on a description of the matter as "fascinating." Here is the full comment.
"Astonishing seems more apt.
"Your blog is the definitive source of information for all-things CIRM.  It is widely read by researchers – here in California and around the world – by other government officials and staff, and by journalists.  What you write shapes the perceptions and coverage of others.  At a time when CIRM is receiving so little press attention, your voice is even more influential.  The CIRM board is ill-served by its staff’s banning the California Stem Cell Report from the daily clippings.  I doubt that most board members have (or make) the time to read your posts regularly.  Perhaps CIRM is counting on that to keep criticism (particularly of its chairman’s ongoing behavior problems) hidden from the board.
"Hopefully a few board members will ask that your blog be restored to CIRM’s press clipping reports.  They all should.
"Keep up the good work."

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