Thursday, August 07, 2008

The WSJ Looks at CIRM and Its 'Sugar Daddy'

The Californa stem cell agency has scored big PR-wise in the Friday edition of the Wall Street Journal.

The influential newspaper, which has more than 1 million paid subscribers on its website, is carrying a laudatory piece about CIRM, focusing on its president, Alan Trounson. The headline? "Stem Cells' New Sugar Daddy."

Science columnist Robert Lee Hotz described daily struggles with ethical and political challenges and an "air of urgency" at CIRM as well as a "second medical revolution" for Trounson. His first involved IVF.

Hotz said the California's "speculative venture" may be "the world's most ambitious experiment in public funding for science."

One might quibble with some of the details of the WSJ story, but it is a coup for CIRM. The WSJ has an influential audience with important links to business. The piece will help set the tone for future mainstream coverage of CIRM and expose it to many key industry and public opinion leaders who otherwise would never take notice.

The story is also linked to an online discussion of whether it is okay to pay women for their eggs.

Here is a link to the story, which may be on the limited public version of the WSJ web site. If not, send me an email requesting a copy, and I will forward it to you. Here is my email address:

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