Thursday, August 07, 2008

New Issues Added to CIRM Directors Meeting Next Week

The California stem cell agency has altered its agenda for next Tuesday's meeting at Stanford, adding an element to its proposed human egg policy rules and an item dealing with eligibility on a new "translational" grant round.

The agency also posted its latest version of how it would like to define California supplier, which is the key to giving preferences worth hundreds of million dollars to state businesses seeking to sell to CIRM grantees.

The definition can be found here and seems to include almost any conceivable potential vendor in the state, but we could be wrong. At the same time, the California legislature is considering its own definition of California supplier in AB2381 by Assemblyman Gene Mullin, D-San Mateo.

That measure is now on the floor of the state Senate.

(In another CIRM legislative matter, the Assembly floor analysis of SB1565, the bill designed to ensure affordable access to CIRM-funded therapies is now available.)

The item with eggs now says that directors will be asked to authorize "a procedure for petitioning the ICOC to designate stem cell lines derived before November 2006 as acceptably derived for use in CIRM-funded research, and to govern use of embryos created for reproductive purposes before August 13, 2008." Added was the language having to do with the Aug. 13 date.

Also added to the next week's agenda is an item which states only: "Consideration of eligibility criteria in concept plan for Translational 1 RFA."

Twenty-one items are scheduled to be considered at the CIRM directors meeting that begins in only three business days. Background information is now available on only six of those items.

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