Monday, August 04, 2008

CIRM Providing Some Early Background Info on Directors Meeting

The California stem cell agency today posted the agenda for its Aug. 12-13 meeting at Stanford, along with some background material.

The background material is a good start on helping the public understand what is to be discussed and acted on by the directors of the $3 billion public enterprise. We are looking forward to more in the next few days.

The background information on one item has clarified what is actually to be discussed when directors take up "consideration of annual report on CIRM contracts and interagency agreements." On Sunday, we speculated that the item could be a proposal to change from quarterly to annual the reporting requirements to directors on outside contracts. In fact, the item appears to be simply the 2007-08 annual report on outside contracting expenditures.

Other background material now available includes:

Draft language for a "grandfathering" provision on stem cell lines. Directors will be asked to authorize a procedure for petitioning them to designate stem cell lines derived before November 2006 as acceptably derived for use in CIRM-funded research.

The names and brief bios of proposed alternate members for the Grant Review Group: Sangeeta N. Bhatia of MIT, Paula Marie Bokesch of Hospira, Inc., Mark Furth of the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, Marcie Glicksman of Brigham and Women's Hospital, Kurt Gunter of Hospira, Inc., Paul Kulesa of the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, Hai-Quan Mao of John Hopkins, Todd McDevitt of Georgia Institute of Technoloogy/Emory University, Alan Russell of the University of Pittsburgh and Shuichi Takayama of the University of Michigan.

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