Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Reading List for California's $40 Million Stem Cell Genomics Round

Here are links to recent stories dealing with the California stem cell agency's $40 million stem cell genomics round -- a plan to make the state the world leader in the new field.

Thursday Jan. 23, 2014
California's Stem Cell Genomics Awards: An Untidy Affair
The California stem cell agency's $40 million genomics round seems to be turning into a bit of a muddle.

Friday Jan. 24, 2014
Stanford Genomics Consortium Likely Winner in $33 Million Stem Cell Agency Project
A seven-member consortium led by Stanford University's Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine is expected next week to win a $33 million award from the California stem cell agency to create a stem cell genomics center.

Saturday Jan. 25, 2014
California's $40 Million Genomics Round: Charges of Unfairness, Factual Error and More
Scientists at two major California research institutions have leveled charges that the state stem cell agency's $40 million genomics round is tainted with unfair and non-scientific considerations along with factual errors, manipulation of scores and apparent preferential treatment.

Sunday Jan. 26, 2014
Sacramento Bee: California Stem Cell Agency Betting Big on Genomics
The Sacramento Bee today published an article by the publisher of the California Stem Cell Report on this week's $40 million genomics round and its significance. The Associated Press picked up the story and distributed it nationally.

Sunday Jan. 26, 2014
Alan Trounson's Opaque Messages, Genomics and $40 Million
Cryptic is probably a good word for the messages delivered last week by the president of the California stem cell agency, Alan Trounson, in his recommendations in the agency's $40 million genomics round. Odd might be another.

Monday Jan. 27, 2014
California's $40 Million Genomics Round and Conflicts of Interest
Concerns about conflicts of interest have dogged the California stem cell agency since its earliest days, and they continue into this week's $40 million genomics round.

Monday Jan. 27, 2014
California's $40 Million Genomics Awards: Stem Cell Agency Defends its Review Practices
The California stem cell agency today defended itself against charges that scoring on grant applications was manipulated in its $40 million genomics grant round to the benefit of a consortium headed by Stanford University researchers.

Wednesday Jan. 29, 2014
California Stem Cell Agency Withholds Key Information in $40 Million Genomics Proposals
The California stem cell agency has declined to disclose publicly a critical criteria – the amount of matching funds offered by each applicant -- in its ambitious $40 million genomics round scheduled to be acted on later today.

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