Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Inside Stem Cell HQ: A Look at the Tiny Staff

The staff of the $3 billion California stem cell agency is small – very small.

Cynthia Schaffer
CIRM photo
At one point point midway in its history, they probably probably amounted no more than the number of workers at your average Burger King. Today the staff even outnumbers the 29 persons who sit on its governing board. At one point in years past, it did not.

The staff has had its share of turnovers, but there is something certainly different about its esprit compared to most state agencies.

Yesterday, one of its longtime staffers, Cynthia Schaffer, wrote a little about the nuts-and-bolts operations and the nearly 60 persons who work at stem cell HQ at 210 King Street, across the street from the the San Francisco Giants baseball park. Her item appeared on the agency's blog. Check it out.

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