Saturday, January 18, 2014

CEO Search at California Stem Cell Agency: Board Discussions Set for Late This Month

Directors of the $3 billion California stem cell agency late this month will act on what it calls a “candidate position statement” in its search for a new president for the research effort.

The agency scheduled a meeting Jan. 28 of its Presidential Search Subcommittee to consider the document, which was not available on the CIRM Web site as of this writing. On Jan. 29, the full CIRM board is expected to act on the document at its meeting in Berkeley.

The agency's agenda material did not specify what it means by a “candidate position statement.” In normal parlance, a candidate position statement is offered by a person seeking a position. Our best guess is that what CIRM is considering is a document that would specify the positions that it would like a candidate for president to address. The board last month approved a statement of criteria that implied that candidates should address certain questions. We are querying CIRM concerning the matter.

Both the subcommittee meeting and the full board meeting include closed-door sessions during which the search for a new president will be discussed. The current president, Alan Trounson, has announced that he is resigning to return to Australia. Directors of the agency have said they are emphasizing speed in selection of a replacement. Trounson announced his departure more than three months ago.

Teleconference locations for the subcommittee meeting Jan. 28 where the public can participate are located in La Jolla, San Francisco and Costa Mesa. The base for the meeting is at the Claremont Hotel in Oakland. Specific addresses can be found on the agenda. 

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