Monday, January 27, 2014

California's Stem Cell Genomics Round Receives National News Attention

The Associated Press, a worldwide news service, has picked up and distributed a rewritten version of Sunday's story in The Sacramento Bee about the California stem cell agency's $40 million genomics round.

The AP article has appeared on a wide array of online news sites served by the AP including the San Francisco Chronicle, Newsdaily, Modern Healthcare, California Healthline, the Washington Times, a host of television station news sites and many more.

The California stem cell agency is not often the subject of national media attention but stem cells and genomics can combine to generate media interest. 

The AP story does not go beyond the story that appeared in The Bee (written by yours truly) and does not include charges of unfairness and score manipulation reported Saturday on the California Stem Cell Report. The story in The Bee had an early deadline and the information on the allegations surfaced too late to include in The Bee article.

The stem cell agency says it is preparing a response to the charges.  

The AP is a member-based business. Under the usual arrangements with its members, such as The Bee, it is entitled to pick up and redistribute stories that are published by its members. 

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