Sunday, January 12, 2014

Irv Weissman and Reader Comment

Stanford researcher Irv Weissman was mentioned in a comment on Jan. 3 on the California Stem Cell Report on the "Growing Stem Cells..." item.

It is the practice of this Web site to inform people who are mentioned in comments that something has been said about them and making it clear that they have an opportunity to add to the dialogue.

In this case, Weissman had difficulty in filing his comment directly via the “comment” function on the blog, so we are filing it here.

Among other things, the anonymous reader said, “Is it not clear that Irv Weissman is CIRM's puppet master?”

Weissman's response via email: “Anonymous need not remain anonymous.”

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Brief clarification: a different person left the "puppet" comment in the thread (after the post "Growing Stem Cells and Raising Cash . . .") than the person (me) who left the two comments immediately preceding and following that comment. I explain the need for anonymity here. If I comment here in the future, I will identify myself as "GS," the initials of my blog. I appreciate that you are looking into the question I raised; I am looking forward to having my curiosity sated.

    Thanks for running this blog; your work is appreciated.


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